In Washington State, it is legal for a landlord to give a month-to-month tenant an eviction notice without providing a legitimate reason. This is known as a “no-cause” eviction. "No-cause" evictions are unjust and should be illegal because they deprive tenants of legal protections and sometimes cover up landlord discrimination.

If you have ever received a 20-day notice to vacate your home in Washington, you may have received a "no-cause" notice. Please let us know by completing the following form.

Gathering this information will help us show that these evictions are a big problem in Washington, and it will help improve tenant rights. We will never release any of your personal information. However, we may reach out directly to you to learn more about your experiences or verify information.

Note: A 20-day no-cause eviction is different from other types of evictions. If your eviction was for not paying rent or for breaking the rules of a lease, you may have received a different notice instead of a no-cause notice. Do you need to verify that you received a 20-day no-cause notice and not another type? Click here for an image of a typical no-cause notice.

If you have received a 20-day no-cause notice at more than one residence, please complete the form separately for each instance.

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Rental Information
Where were you living when you received a no-cause eviction notice?


Do you still have your 20-day notice? Please upload a photo of the notice if you are able to.